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The importance of a quarantine tank

Posted by Admin , on 11 -05-2012

It is very important to place a new fish into a quarantine tank for 4 to 6 weeks before introducing it to the main display with other healthy fish. Even if the new fish appears healthy, it could still be carrying disease, either from the wild or from the stress of shipping.

If a new fish is carrying a disease but not showing obvious signs just yet, there is a risk of every healthy fish in the main display tank getting infected. I have seen entire fish tank populations get wiped out from marine ich, velvet, and Brooklynella because of the lack of proper quarantine procedure! These diseases infect the gills and skin of fish and, if untreated, usually results in death in 2 or 3 days.

Another good reason for quarantining fish is that most have journeyed thousands of miles before being placed into the tanks. Recently transported fish are in a weakened state and to add such fish to a tank of robust, healthy fish will usually mean that the newcomers will take to hiding for several days and be unable to feed or fend off harrassment by other fish.

Quarantining helps these new fish to feed and gain back their strength.