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Beyond the Reef Services

Beyond the Reef is your trusted partner to take care of all your aquarium needs. Our all-encompassing Concept to Completion services range from the initial stage of designing your aquarium to the complete maintenance during overhauls or modifications. In case you have to relocate or move your aquarium, we have that covered too. The professionals in our team can assist you at every step along the way, ensuring that your hobby remains just what it was intended to be, a source of restful entertainment.

Our all-encompassing services include:


Building your dream aquarium with the best of aesthetics and matching it with function, we design freshwater, saltwater, and coral reefs based on what you envision. Whether you prefer custom acrylic or glass, individual stands that stand apart or cabinetry to match your existing décor, Beyond the Reef will take care of all your needs. Based on the size, shape, location, and features of the aquarium you have in mind and the type of fish, corals or invertebrates you wish to keep, we design aquariums that bring your dreams to reality.


An aquarium is a fully-functional life support system. It consists of various systems and equipment that work together to keep your fish active and in the best of health. Aquariums made with poor workmanship or design can be disastrous for your fish and can severely affect a multitude of factors, directly impacting the health of your fish.

In case of good designs too, where the design maybe near flawless, a bad installation can cause a myriad of issues. Installation of your aquarium is an equally important process to be performed with considerable diligence and precision. With experts in design looking into aesthetics and functionality, Beyond the Reef’s installation personnel are experts in installing the aquariums from the ground up. While integrating piping systems, heating mechanisms or filtration equipment, our team will ensure that these systems work together in an effective and economic manner.

Whether your aquarium is a simple rectangular one or a custom-built one, built into walls or furniture, our professionals will ensure that your aquarium setup is a fully-functional, efficient, and reliable system.


Moving your aquarium can be a tedious task that requires sufficient planning, precise handling of equipment, fish and supplies, while taking the necessary precautions. Travel beyond 6 hours is not advisable as the fish can get stressed. The bacteria that manage nitrates and aquarium cycles can also degenerate if they are kept without filtration systems for long. Aquarium plants too may dehydrate and may not survive the transit.

Beyond the Reef personnel are well-equipped and experienced in re-location services for aquariums and they will ensure that your aquarium is moved with minimal stress to your fish and your it is re-set to its previous configuration. We use optimum 5-gallon sized tanks to move the fish, clean plastic containers for the invertebrates, provide the fish with a dark environment to reduce stress and replenish the fish with fresh oxygen every hour during the transit. Our experts also know how to measure and maintain the optimum temperature and oxygen levels. In case of excessive feeding, the water quality may degenerate, so feeding the fish should be stopped 2 days prior to the transit. With strict adherence to moving procedures, our experts will also assist you to re-setup your aquarium to its previous configuration and specifications.


At Beyond the Reef, we understand that maintenance of an aquarium is a hard task for many to manage. Having unique aquarium setups, sometimes of varying configurations, ensuring balancing of chemicals, water parameters, and the natural elements in the aquarium can be a daunting task.

To add to this, maintenance of equipment, the scrubbing of algae, ensuring the right PH levels in the water, and maintenance of the nitrogen cycles and nitrates are not one-time tasks and need to be performed periodically. Disinfecting the aquarium and addition of medication too needs to be in precise amounts to ensure none of the chemicals negatively impact the health of your fish.

 Whether you have a single aquarium or have many of them with varying configurations and types, we can arrange maintenance visits to:

  • Assess the condition of your fish and their environment
  • Test water parameters against acceptable standards
  • Clean algae deposits, glass, substrates and other equipment
  • Service filtration, heating and other such equipment

We also offer support and guidance services to first timers on:

  • Purchase of fish based on your interests and requirement.
  • Acclimatization of fish to their new aquatic environment.
  • Suggestions and delivery of required supplies including most equipment, food, etc.
  • Supply of saltwater while replicating marine environments and for reverse osmosis setup.

Periodic Visits

To ensure the health and aesthetics of your aquarium, we recommend periodic visits. The frequency and services offered will depend on how involved you are with the maintenance activities, your aquarium type, and the needs of your aquarium setup. For commercial setups, we recommend visits of 30 to 45 minutes, once a week. In residential setups, generally a once in 2 or 4-week schedule for about an hour is recommended. Periodic visits ensure top heath and appearance of your aquarium, keeping your fish healthy and happy.

Water parameters and Equipment Check-up

In case any issues crop up suddenly, Beyond the Reef can conduct a quick water parameters and equipment check-up, on request, to eliminate the problem. We also take requests for quarantining, assisted care during breeding, acclimatizing fish to new setups and re-installations subsequent to moving aquariums.

Emergency Care

In case of emergencies such as equipment malfunction, fish injuries, or death, we suggest emergency care which is a same day service. Based on the type of emergency, our experts will decide the best course of action to contain the issue and prevent further damage. Please call the emergency helpline (630) 478-5316 in case of an emergency.